September 22, 2016


Hi guys,

Here's a first preview of Love Addicts Anonymous. This is the non-edited version. Please excuse any errors.

“Can you please, for the love of God, put something on?” she says with disdain, as if my nakedness is annoying, something to be avoided.
She even sounds bored.
She scowls, her gaze not leaving mine. “Because it’s rude to run around naked.”
I cock my head to the side, taking her in from head to toe. I cannot help but smile. “What are you?”
“What am I?”
“A nun?”
For a moment she seems taken aback. “I’m sorry?”
“Are you a nun?”
She stares at me blankly before her brows shoot upwards. “Wow. You’re a jerk with a capital J. What are you going to ask me next? Whether I’m the maid? Because I bet that’s the fantasy playing right before your eyes now.”
I let out a snort.
She has no idea.
Really, I just can’t help myself. She isn’t just hot; she’s funny too. That’s a sexy combination.
“Well, are you?” I prompt.
She scowls. “No, obviously.”
“That’s too bad.” I cross my arms over my chest as I regard her with the kind of look that’s melted many panties. 

*End of Teaser*

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the new cover! AWESOME giveaway! Thanks to Lady Amber for the GoodReads invite! I am making a blog post that will go live tomorrow morning at 12:01 a.m. EST--> Can't wait to read this one!!!