October 22, 2016



“What the hell, Kade?” I turn my head to him. “You want us to break out?”
“I want us to go out.” He smiles, his white teeth building a strong contrast to the darkness surrounding us. “We’ll be back before they even notice we were gone.”
I close my eyes and force air into my burning lungs. “This can’t be happening. This isn’t what I agreed to at all.”
“You have no choice,” Kade whispers behind me and opens the door. “The driver’s booked. I can’t back out of this just as much as you can’t. And I’ll gladly remind you that you already said yes. There’s definitely no going back on your word.”
I groan. “Again, if I so much as find myself in a strange situation, I swear I’ll⎯”
“You’ll kick me where it counts so I may never have kids,” he finishes for me. “Got the memo.”
“Those weren’t my exact words, but yes, that’s pretty much the plan.”
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LOVE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS is coming Nov 7th, 2016

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