November 21, 2016


Hi, I've received a few emails with the question whether Love Addicts Anonymous Part 2 will be released tomorrow. The answer is no.
All parts will be bundled together, based on fans' wishes, and will be released as one complete book.
It will be made available for pre-order soon.
I'm just waiting on the final proof copy to make sure it's perfect and rewriting some scenes! I want to be happy with the final product before releasing it and won't do so until it feels right. I also want to make sure it's 100% a standalone.
Love Addicts Anonymous is a complex story about two people who have to face their own demons together. The characters are flawed on purpose, and I want my readers to experience their growth, feel their pain, their sins. I don't want to lie but Love Addicts Anonymous is a challenging story, and I feel it reads better as one full--complete--story.
Thank y'all so much for your support and understanding.
Stay tuned. I'll be posting a new release date along with a new cover and a new title.
Have a wonderful day

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