July 28, 2014

The Lover's Secret (No Exceptions)

Happy News Today

Book 1 in the No Exceptions series, which will be called THE LOVER'S SECRET, will no longer be just a novella. I've made it a full length novel, and WOW it's going to have lots of surprises for you, guys.

You wanted a release date. Today I'm happy to announce that The Lover's Secret in the No Exceptions series, will be released on or around August 5th 2014. Yes, it's this year. Yes, it's that soon. In 8 days, people. Woohoo.

I can't wait. I'm so excited...and happy.
What do you think? Are you ready for a new hot mystery? Jett has been missing you and he's ready to melt your panties. He sure has mine.

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July 2, 2014


Hi guys,

Here's a first preview of NO EXCEPTIONS. This is the non-edited version. Please excuse any errors. The release date will be announced soon.

What are you doing?” I asked, my breath heavy.
“I’m giving you the massage I promised. Did you think I’d forget?” He arched one of his eyebrows and unfastened the sparkling gemstone buckles of my black high-heels. With a soft thud, they landed on the hardwood floor.
And then his hands were on me again, his thumbs gliding softly across my skin. My body began to tingle all over. Deep inside something began to pulsate. My breath caught in my throat when his thumb glided sideways across my foot, and the gentle tingle was replaced by long, gliding strokes.
My heart spluttered.
Oh, I got it wrong. He wasn’t trying to help me relax, the little devil! He was working to turn me into butter with something supposedly innocent.
His smug smile made it obvious that he knew what he was doing too well. That worried me because in knowledge is power, and no man should ever have that kind of power over a woman.
“Where did you learn to touch like that?” I whispered as he switched his attention to my other foot. He wasn’t just sinfully sexy. He had also mastered the art of entrancing a woman with nothing but the touch of his fingers. If he continued like this, my brain would stop working. His massage wasn’t just relaxing. It was like heaven’s gate opened, and my body became a liquid mess, pouring out of me, pooling around my feet.
“With you, it comes naturally.”
“I’m honored.” I smiled, even though I didn’t believe a word he said.

“Nothing’s for free, though,” he said bemused. His green gaze met mine and my heart jumped in my throat at the obvious insinuation. “And I know the perfect way you’ll repay me.”

*End of Teaser*

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Jessica ♥