• Is Love Addicts Anonymous the same as Counting On You?

    Love Addicts Anonymous Part 1 was originally released last year in November 2016. It was initially intended to be released as three novellas. However, after hearing that readers want a standalone, I unpublished it to rewrite it. In the last few months, I turned the book into a 96 000-word full-length standalone with no cliffhanger with a new title- COUNTING ON YOU.
    Counting On You is now available everywhere.

  • When will Wild for You and other books be released?

To check release dates of all my books please go to this site: http://www.jcreedauthor.com/upcomingreleases
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  • Will there be a book about Sylvie and Kenny?

  • Is The Lover's Secret in the No Exceptions series a follow up to Surrender Your Love?

Yes, it's a companion book and continuation. Since the Surrender Your Love Series is finished, No Exceptions series is a spinoff series that takes place after the Surrender Your Love trilogy and can be enjoyed without having read the prequel.

  • Will SURRENDER YOUR LOVE be published in my country?
Here is a list of the countries SURRENDER YOUR LOVE will be published in:

Hungary - Ulpius-haz 
Croatia - Mozaik
Brazil - Única Editore/Gente
Portugal- Presenca
Italy - Leggere Editore/Fanucci
Canada- Éditions AdA
Germany- Sieben
Slovenia- Mladinska knjiga

  • Where can I get Half Truths, the free novella? 
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  1. when is No Exceptions coming out im going crazy do you have at least one teaser , i need this to surive

  2. when is the release date for NO EXCEPTIONS im going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need this book to survive at least an except please just to get me through

  3. Are you accepting ARC readers ....I would love to be one :)
    Cheryl Current