February 19, 2013

Entering the four week rush

When I first started writing Surrender Your Love, it was quite an experience. I had tried my hand at writing a contemporary fiction story before but never quite with such a huge character in my mind.
*blush* Jett *swoon*
Even saying his name is like tasting chocolate and honey and whipped cream all at once. He’s not saccharine sweet; he’s a dangerous bad boy and the kind you want in your novel…and your bed. But unlike Brooke, who’s his love interest in Surrender Your Love, I want to share Jett with all you ladies, and gents, out there.
Some four more weeks to go and I’m already giddy with excitement. Until then tune in to find out why Jett’s the creme de la creme of hunks and bad boys.
Jessica x


  1. When is treasure your love coming out?

    1. Hi Lisa, Treasure Your Love will release late summer. I'll post an announcement on my blog and FB page as soon as I know more. Love, Jessica

  2. Just finished book two. Hurry up book three