August 18, 2014

Special Bonus Scene

As promised, here's an exclusive bonus scene from The Lover's Secret.


I saw it long coming—the moment my nightmares became real and my fear would unleash the worst in me. As much as I tried to forget all the things that had happened, I couldn’t. A part of me kept thinking back, hesitating, doubting that the past was over, always wondering if there was something that I could do. Doubt and hope were like a disease—invisible, but always present. Ever so small, they would grow to immense proportions, bringing with them nothing but chaos that would draw me in. So deep that I knew I could lose myself, and make me hate myself for all the things I could have done but didn’t.
Falling into the trap was one of them, as was defending myself and hurting a guy in order to escape.
Maybe if I had allowed him to rape me instead of trying to hurt him, maybe I wouldn’t be in the mess I was in. Instead, I found myself trapped in the staircase, my heart racing so fast, I was sure I’d die from fear.
Liz had been right.
I should have followed their orders and commands. I should never have tried to get away. Now I was fighting for my life and I had to get away, or I’d be killed.
I yanked at the emergency exit door. It was locked. A curse escaped my lips.
I couldn’t retread my steps, back to them. To him and his friends. They would never forgive what I had done. They couldn’t get me. Not now. Not when they were so angry with me. I had to act quickly. There was no other option but to try and find a way to escape. Get out of the place as fast as I could.
Forcing my legs forward, I started to climb up the stairs...

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