January 3, 2015


Hi guys,
Here’s a first preview of The Lover’s Promise and Jett’s POV. This is the non-edited version. Please excuse any errors. The release date will be announced soon.

****Teaser #1****
New York City, 3 days earlier.
The past was the past, and the future would be nothing but whatever I made of it. My future was she, our lives interlinked with our hopes and our dreams, and long forgotten plans. Strange to think that only a few months ago I never thought my life or I would change. I never thought that an encounter with a future employee would result in me actually wanting to take the next step and marry her.
Sitting in the bar, my heart sped up at the thought of what still lay ahead of me. The initial plans had been initiated. Now it was time to execute them. I was going to do whatever it’d take to distract her, then in exactly four hours and twenty-five minutes I’d propose to her, after which I’d whisk her away in a private plane for a quick surprise wedding in Las Vegas, leaving my friends to finish the rest of my arrangements and execute my revenge.
It was supposed to be a simple plan, one I had planned for a long time. Now if only she would say “yes” and play along.
Granted, a marriage proposal came a bit soon in our relationship, maybe too soon, but I had no option—not if my plan was supposed to work. Soon, he’d find out I betrayed him, and he’d try to hurt her to get back at me. The thought of losing her to someone else, of my enemies finding her turned me crazy with rage. For her, to save her from the ones who wanted to hurt her and were after her, I would kill.

Marrying was the least of my problems, not least because I knew deep down that I was ready. Call me foolish, call me desperate. Fuck, call me vengeful, but in my heart I knew what I was doing was the right thing—for her, for us. And while I did not want to control her, I had every intention of doing whatever it might take to make her mine by law. And if by any chance, she wouldn’t accept my proposal, or if she needed more time because I was moving too fast for her, then I’d bend her to my will until she realized we belonged together.
“So, this is your big night, huh?” Tiffany’s voice penetrated the dark haze covering my mind, drawing my attention back to her. Looking up at one of my oldest friends, I frowned and swallowed down a snarky remark. I hated disruptions, and in particular the kind that took me by surprise when I was immersed in my thoughts. But Tiffany had always had my back, and right now, I couldn’t afford to piss her off—not when she was helping me out with my somewhat illegal scheme.
“You could say that.” My gaze met her sharp, blue eyes. “Did you get it?
Tiffany nodded her head. “Custom-made, specifically designed for her.“ She put a black gift bag on the table and pushed it toward me. “Just as you asked.”
My heart fluttered as I pulled out a little velvet box, my fingers hovering over the soft fabric. For a short moment fear choke me and dark thoughts gathered at the back of my mind. This better not be a mistake. It better be perfect. Of course there was a chance that I might be ruining everything, but as decisions went, I hardly ever backed down on them, so I pushed my dark thoughts away and opened the black case. Relief streamed in waves through me when my eyes caught the ring.

It was a delicate ensemble of gemstones with a two-carat diamond in the middle. Sparkling and gleaming in the soft light of the club, much like Brooke’s eyes, which were the reason I had fallen in love with her, it was more beautiful than I had ever envisioned.
*End of Teaser*
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