April 3, 2016

Beautiful Distraction Teaser ‪#‎ 3

I can't wait to get Beautiful Distraction (full-length standalone) in your little hot hands.And here's a teaser. Don't read if you are driving or at work.

“What the hell did you think you were doing?” My voice is a choked mixture of rage and exasperation.
Maybe the owner of this quarter-million-dollar chick magnet has the fluffy bank account to pay for new taillights, but I sure as hell will have to live with the dents forever. I’ll probably have to skimp on food for a month to save the money for new headlights.
“I could ask you the same thing.” The low grumble of a male voice reaches me through the open window before the door’s thrown open and out jumps a male in his late twenties.
I take a sharp breath. Then another, my heart skipping beats.
He’s hot. And certainly not in an earthy, imperfect way.
He looks like a god.
His hair, dark and shiny, frames an attractive face with a straight nose, chiseled chin and the most stunning eyes I have ever seen. The expensive, light blue dress shirt can’t hide his broad shoulders or the fact that he’s probably sporting a six-pack beneath it. The sleeves are rolled up, revealing strong, tan arms and capable hands that don’t look like they’re stuck to a computer keyboard all day.
He works out…probably a lot.
He steps closer, and I can make out the color of his irises. In the dim light, his eyes shimmer in the dark crystal green shade of a beautiful, untouched lake.
Standing at six-foot-two, he oozes confidence and money.
And something else.
The word invades my mind, and for a moment that’s all I can think about.
Hot, steamy, wild, rough sex. The kind of sex that has you gripping at the sheets as wave after wave of orgasm rolls over you.

I’m not cheap, but I’m not a saint either. I appreciate a hot guy when I see one. And this one tops the charts. And judging from the long line of women glancing at him, like bees swarming around an exotic flower, I know I’m not the only one having those kind of thoughts.

*****End of Teaser *******

Soon...very soon til you meet KELLAN!
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