May 28, 2017

Kaiden's POV and teaser

Hi guys,
We're officially in single digits now. My next sexy standalone, Counting On You, releases in less than 7 days, on June 5th. I'm so excited for you to meet Kaiden and Vicky.
Three things you have to know about this book:
1. It's a full length standalone with no cliffhanger.
2. It's a rom-com.
3. It's written in dual POV.

Here's a teaser. 
"I want us to focus on us.” I stare at her, letting my words sink in. “You have something I need, and I can give you something you want. Call it a symbiosis. An intimate relationship with no commitment, but one that is of mutual benefit.”
Her lips twitch. “Are you comparing us with trees and spores?”
“Something like that.” I lean into her, brushing my lips against hers. “I’m into you, Vicky. I just don’t do relationships. I never made a secret out of that fact. If there’s a chance that we can help each other, then I don’t think we should stop. I just think we should make our own rules.”
“Yeah. Rules.” I trace her cheekbone with my finger, cupping her face again. “Rule number one: you need to be honest with me at all times.” My thumb glides over her full lips that are quivering under my touch. “Rule number two: I want you to act on your desires. I honestly believe that sometimes the things that keep you obsessed are the things that might help you heal. If you want to touch me, go on and touch me. If you think of me, don’t just think. Act on your urge. If sex is what you crave, then let me fuck you.”
“What’s number three?” she whispers just as short of breath as I feel.
“Why do you assume there’s a rule number three?”
“Because the first two rules only seem to apply to me. You haven’t mentioned yourself yet.”
My lips curl into a smile. “This isn’t one of my rules so much as a general fact about me, but I’m going to teach you that love is overrated and sex is a cure.”
She laughs briefly. “That sounds wrong on so many levels.”
“How can sex be wrong? Sex doesn’t break your heart. Sex doesn’t need kindness to work out. Sex is never patient. It rarely boasts, and it always makes you feel good.”
“Did you just make that up?”
I look at her, wondering the same thing. “Maybe. All I’m saying is that I want you to let go of your limitations, fear, and expectations. Stop thinking about what’s wrong and live a little.”

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